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List of Funds

Some of the funds you can donate to are:

Membership Subsidy Fund
This fund helps offset subsidies given to members who are unable to pay for their full synagogue dues.

This fund helps pay for shul sponsored kiddushim.

Talmud Fund
This fund is used to purchase books of Talmud for use in the shul. Donors of $100 or more are acknowledged with dedication details on the inside cover of the book.

General Fund
General donations help pay for the day to day expenses of the Shul.

Building Fund
This fund is used specifically for building improvements and renovations.

Torah Fund
This fund is for the purchase, upkeep and repair of our Torahs.

Adult Education
This fund pays for speakers and other educational programming held throughout the year.

Youth Fund
This fund pays for special youth programs.

Shinshinim Fund
This fund is set up to support our shul’s participation in the UJA Federation Shinshinim program, through which two young Israelis spend a year bringing their knowledge and love of Israel to our community.

Celebrations Fund
This fund pays for holiday celebrations such as Sukkot Kiddush.

Hesed Fund
This fund supports compassionate needs of the community.

Cemetery Project Fund
These funds go directly to support a project currently underway that is making improvements to the Bathurst Lawn Cemetery.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
These funds are used at the Rabbi’s discretion. Some of the ways he uses this fund include providing assistance for young people going to a Jewish camp or on an Israel program, to help individual members of the congregation get through a rough patch or buy Pesach food, to encourage shul members who are engaging in Jewish learning, and to support worthy causes and organizations in the wider community. The fund may also be used to support special projects or initiatives within the shul that are not covered by the regular shul budget.

Daniel Camenietzki Library Fund
This fund helps to pay for books and periodicals for the Shul lending and reference library.

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