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Judaism provides a set of laws and traditions to strengthen our spirit when a loved one has died, so that the dignity of the deceased may be preserved and comfort may be offered to the mourners. The Narayever community offers our members support and services to help them through these difficult times.

When a death has occurred, Rabbi Elkin is available to provide advice about mourning customs, to provide grief counseling as desired, to officiate at the funeral service, perform the Eulogy (Hesped) or to help you in any other way that you require. If the Rabbi is out of town when the death occurs, contact information will be on his telephone and the Shul telephone 416-927-0546, or the Hesed chair will help you with your needs. Even if you do not need support, please contact the shul so that we can notify the community about the passing of your loved one and funeral arrangements.

The Narayever provides burial plots at Bathurst Lawn Cemetery for members who have been in good standing for at least five years.  The Board will sell a plot to new members at a cost that decreases over their first five years of membership and special arrangements may be made for former members who rejoin the Narayever.  The Board will also consider selling a plot under rare circumstances to relatives or other non-members, for example, if a child of a member dies or a member who had reserved a plot next to a loved one leaves the shul, but still wishes to be buried next to their loved one.

Shiva prayer services are brought to the house so the mourners can say Kaddish in the presence of a minyan. The Hesed chair can assist with arranging leaders of the services, gathering a minyan, providing prayer books, and providing reading material on Jewish mourning practices from the shul library. In order to continue to provide this service to our members in their times of great need, we need a roster of volunteer shiva leaders. Please let us know if we can add your name to our list and if you would like to attend a training session.

The shul also will provide reminders about Yarzheit and has many ways in which you can commemorate a loved one, ranging from a plaque on our commemorative board, giving a dvar torah to tzedakah opportunities.

Finally, we have written a Brief Guide to Mourning, a concise description of Jewish law and practice as it pertains to death and mourning

There is no way around grief – only a way through. Death is a time when our community must support one another.

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